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                                    Service concept
                                    Xiamen Xing Heavy with "Ha Hing service road to success" for the service concept.

                                    Service Strategy
                                    In the "technical sales integration, sales and service integration, service integration of production, domestic and international integration," the new market concept to guide enterprises to strengthen the service system, improve spare parts service processes, accelerate service skills training of personnel. In particular, to strengthen the technical support services for marketing, the company's technology department and marketing offices in integrated operation, XCMG construction of a unified customer service call center. Consumers purchase consulting, service feedback, quality complaints can call the company's customer service hotline, get satisfied with the quality of service.

                                    Troubleshooting 24 hours to complete the implementation of the system, to ensure that the vehicle fails to get the most rapid processing,
                                    After the purchase of equipment, we will provide quality and timely service, to better ensure that the customer equipment service and repair services.

                                    Service outlets
                                    Xiamen Xing established a global marketing network in the world, established over 260 Ha Hing overseas agents to provide users with a full range of marketing services, Xiamen Xing product has covered the world's 169 countries and regions.

                                    Tel: 0595-36288250

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