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                                                                                    Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Xiamen, Fujian Xing
                                    1 Fujian Xiamen Xing Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. based unit Fujian Xiamen Engineering Machinery Co. letter.
                                    2 The company in 2001 began to build Xiamen Xing Heavy Machinery Engineering Center, the original design and development of three relatively independent chambers merge, won the integration of human resources and technical resources.
                                    3 Ha Hing Heavy Machinery Engineering Center of general settings:
                                         1) The management of the company constitute the leading group;
                                         2) the establishment of "R & D center expert technical committee"; to subject-based, using project responsibility system, a number of people per head of a task force set up people, crew; trial workshop setting, as an intermediate test base, located in charge of a person, number of staff.
                                    Xiamen Xing management system 4 Heavy Machinery Engineering Center, a complete set of <management system> and <Engineering Center Handbook>:
                                         1) "Center" is responsible for the company's product development organization, design and improvement;
                                         2) "central" to the leadership team as the core, under the leadership of Chief Engineer, based deputy director of two people, with one person each classification project manager: JZB series diesel hammer hydraulic walking pile frame group, JZ series hydraulic three-walker fulcrum multifunction pile frame group, SMW-axis continuous heavy drilling units, long auger unit, process group and technical clerks group;
                                         3) "Center" division of labor, unity, cooperation, team spirit;
                                         4) "Center" to implement a comprehensive job evaluation system, penalties and rewards; while the implementation of the project management system, the major, major project stakeholders reward.
                                    5 Engineering Center attaches great importance to universities, research units and research-related links, the past few years, respectively, and the South China University of Technology, Guangdong University of Technology, the National Machinery Association piling machinery branch and other experts, professors related cooperation projects and academic exchanges , relevant outcomes also enable enterprises to gain a good return.
                                    6 The company attaches great importance to the construction and engineering center investment, according to 15% of the proportion of GDP annually to support the construction engineering center, laid a strong material foundation for the full operation of the engineering center.
                                    7 The company attaches great importance to the optimization and engineering center design tools, has purchased Proe three-dimensional software and advanced finite element analysis software ANSYS / DesignSpace, allows developers to design products into the finite element computer simulation of a new stage of simulation analysis for large complex structural parts and components important to analyze the stress, strain, fatigue, and achieved good results.
                                    8 In recent years, network construction engineering center has been all-round development and improvement, with engineering centers established as the core, radiation networking to the Board Room, financial room, business room and trial production workshops and other relevant departments to make product development to put into basically achieved a computer network.
                                    9 "center" adhere to the study of Xiamen Xing Heavy Machinery for direction, continue to Xiamen Xing company developed new products and high-tech products to improve the quality of the entire enterprise, so that enterprises in the competition invincible.


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