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                                    Corporate Culture 
                                    Enterprise spirit: unity and harmony, innovation, dedication and excellence. 
                                    Business purposes: first-class products and attentive service. 
                                    Enterprise goals: to make the world pile foundation construction machinery industry strong. 
                                    Enterprise Work style: rapid reflect, take immediate action; said we should do. 
                                    Enterprises guidelines: management standardization, product standardization, work procedures. 
                                    Product quality criteria: excellence, meticulous. 
                                    Production safety guidelines: focus on prevention, elimination of every safety hazard. 
                                    Code of Conduct: corporate interests above all else, personal interests must be subordinated to the interests of enterprises; do their job, heavy action, stressing practical results; less complaining, a little more understanding; less misunderstanding, a little more communication; Shaoyueduozuo, simple life. 
                                    Company quality policy 
                                    Customer-centric, laws and regulations as the yardstick; continuous improvement and enhance customer satisfaction; quality product quality and service quality meet or exceed customer requirements.
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